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Green column stress test system

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Technical characteristics
1. It can be operated in a single machine, without the need for additional computer equipment, easy to install, easy to set parameters
2. Accurately detect the actual clamping force of the die casting machine, injection molding machine, etc.
3. The display contains lithium battery D, LCD display, and test data is intuitive.
4. Parameter indicators: :
a. Scope of application: : Precision die casting machine, injection molding machine and stress testing equipment
b. Can adapt to working environment temperature: :0 0 °C- - +50 °C
c. Equipment placement: : Mobile
d. Accuracy: < 0. 005 F.S
e. Repeatability stability: <0. 003 F.S
f. Channel 4: 4 channels
g. Sensor: : 8 8 sets of super magnet adsorption type (including cable)
h. Measurement range ((G column diameter): ± 750 με
i. Sensor sensitivity 2 (1/2 bridge compensation) 1.0mv/v@F.S;
j. Hysteresis 0.1% F.S;
k. Strain gauge: 0 350 ohms