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TS-SBS Smart Number Display Torque Wrench

Product Profile:


·  Strain measurement principle, six-bit liquid crystal display, accurate measurement, stable and reliable performance, external quadrangle mechanical connection, small size, light weight, simple operation, low power consumption, long service life.

· The position of the grip handle is not limited, and the handle can be lengthened at will without affecting the measurement accuracy. 

· Precision: The display error and repeatability error are better than ± 1.0 

· Allow overload: 120 


· Widely used for bolt fastening control in automobile, motorcycle, internal combustion engine, machinery manufacturing, etc..。

· The positive and negative torque values can be measured. With real-time measurement, peak maintenance, zero clearance, upper and lower limit settings, sound and light alarm.

Product Details
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Range of measurements
resolution Accuracy Lengthmm sizemm2 note
TS-SBS  2~10 1Digit ±1%+1Digit 350 10x10  
TS-SBS-20 4~20 1Digit ±1%+1Digit 350 10x10  
TS-SBS-50 10~50 1Digit ±1%+1Digit 350 10x10  
TS-SBS-100 20~100 1Digit ±1%+1Digit 350 12.5x12.5  
TS-SBS-200 40~200 1Digit ±1%+1Digit 500 12.5x12.5  
TS-SBS-300 60~300 1Digit ±1%+1Digit 500 12.5x12.5  
TS-SBS-400 80~400 1Digit ±1%+1Digit 660 20x20 Additional Long Handle
TS-SBS-500 100~500 1Digit ±1%+1Digit 660 20x20 Additional Long Handle
TS-SBS-1000 200~1000 1Digit ±1%+1Digit 800 25x25 Additional Long Handle