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TS-MH13 微型压式传感器

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Force measurement in small space installation,such as feeling tester for keyboard switch,compression forcemeasurement for hot and cold lamination machine,and grasping force measurement for robotic hands


量程 A
5-20KG 1.5
50-100KG 3


量程 Capacity 5~100kg 材质 Material 不锈钢 Stainless Steel
输出灵敏度 Rated Output 1.0-1.5mV/V 输出电阻  Output Impedance 350(1000)±3Ω
零点输出  Zero Balance ±2%F.S. 绝缘电阻  Insulation ≥5000MΩ/100VDC
非线性 Non-linearity 0.5%F.S. 使用电压 Recommended Excitation 2.5-5V
滞后 Hysteresis 0.5%F.S. 最大使用电压 Maximum Excitation 5V
重复性 Repeatability 0.5%F.S. 温度补偿范围 Compensated Temp Range -10~60℃
蠕变 (30分钟)Creep (30min) 0.1%F.S. 工作温度 范围 Operating Temp Range -20~80℃
温度灵敏度漂移Temp Effect on Output 0.1%F.S./10℃ 安全超载 Safe Load Limit 120%
零点温度漂移 Temp Effect on Zero 0.1%F.S./10℃ 极限超载 Ultimate Load Limit 150%
输入电阻 Input Impedance 350(1000)±5Ω 电缆线尺寸 Cable Size φ2x3m
电缆线连接方式Wire Connection Ex + : 红 Red;   Ex - : 黑 Black; Sig + : 绿 Green; Sig - : 白 White