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A trick to teach you the right distinction between pressure sensors and pressure

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The difference between a pressure sensor and a pressure transmitter:
Pressure sensors usually refer to component-level products with non-standard mV signal output. They are the core components of pressure transmitters. Due to the non-standard nature of signals, users need to perform pressure calibration and design a special signal processing circuit. When the distance is longer, an amplifier is needed; the pressure transmitter is also a pressure sensor in the written sense, but its output signal is a standard universal signal, such as 4 ~ 20mA, 1 ~ 5V, etc., which can be transmitted over long distances, and can be compared with Instrumentation. At the same time, its pressure value has been calibrated, and the user can use it only by setting the range of the meter.
Difference between transmitter and sensor:
With the advancement of technology, the meaning of some technical words has changed so often that they are misunderstood. Sensors are one such example.
Now people say that the sensor is composed of two parts, namely the sensing element and the conversion element. Among them, the sensitive element refers to the part in the sensor that can directly sense or respond to the measurement; the conversion element refers to the part in the sensor that converts the measured or response of the sensitive element into an electrical signal suitable for transmission or measurement. Because the sensor's output signal is generally weak, it needs to be modulated and amplified. With the development of integrated technology, people also install this part of the circuit and power circuits inside the sensor together. In this way, the sensor can output a usable signal for easy processing and transmission.
When the previous technology is relatively backward, the so-called sensor refers to the above-mentioned sensitive element, and the transmitter is the above-mentioned conversion element. There are many types of transmitters. The transmitters used in industrial control instruments mainly include temperature transmitters, pressure transmitters, flow transmitters, current transmitters, voltage transmitters and so on.