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The characteristics of the sensor include: miniaturization, digitization, intelligence, multi-function, systemization, and networking. It not only promotes the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, but also may establish new industries, thus becoming a new economic growth in the 21st century. point. Miniaturization is based on micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology, and has been successfully applied to silicon devices to make silicon pressure sensors.
The proximity sensor project is a general term for sensors that replace contact detection methods such as limit switches and detect objects without contacting the detection object.
The proximity sensor engineering project is a very important member of the sensor family and is widely used in industry. Although the price of a single proximity sensor is not very high, but generally the factory is required in batches, so there is also a large market for proximity sensors. When it comes to proximity sensors, we all know the more famous ones like Turck, Omron, Balluff, etc. These sensor brands have occupied a large market for proximity sensors for a long time.
In the past, domestic proximity sensor engineering projects mainly relied on imported brands such as Turck, Omron, and Balluff. Imported proximity sensors cannot meet the needs of many customers due to their high prices and long supply cycles. Many domestic factories hope to find domestic proximity sensors. In this situation, many sensor manufacturers began to produce proximity sensors. At first, they imported foreign machines and talents to imitate imported proximity sensors. However, with the development of domestic sensor technology, there are now many independent brands of proximity sensors. To a large extent has been able to meet domestic needs.
At present, many domestic factories use domestic-made proximity sensors or are trying to use domestic-made proximity sensors. Proximity sensors no longer rely on imported brands.