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High overload protection sensor

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VHO stands for "very high overload" protection in all ranges. A two-way overload protection system, at approximately 130% of the load cell's full range, a pre-loaded spring is engaged that directs the force path away from the sensing structure and through the housing. This prevents damage to cargo under 1,000 pounds. VHO load cells can be installed in series and offer dual-range force measurement kits. For example, a 5 pound. The capacity unit can be installed continuously with 100 pounds. Version. This package allows high measurement resolutions from 0 to 5 pounds. range. At approximately 6.5 pounds, the overload system engages 5 pounds. Load cell. The power path was then shifted around 5 pounds. Load cell and measuring 100 pounds. Induction structure. At 130 pounds, the overload stopped at 100 pounds. Unit, the entire assembly is overload protected to 1000 pounds without damaging the load cell