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Installation of load cells

Browse times:   Release time:2018-07-05 16:29:37

The load cell converts the mass signal into an electric signal output device. In the process of use, the environment and installation method determine its service life. Next, the editor will focus on the installation precautions:

     (1) The base of the sensor should be kept flat, clean, and free from pollution. The requirements for the base are sufficient strength and rigidity so that the entire sensor can be supported.
    (2) During use, be sure to handle it lightly. Impact and drop will affect performance. Like some larger sensors, the weight of the sensor is relatively large. Therefore, appropriate lifting equipment is required during transportation.
    (3) The loading direction of the sensor is determined. In the process of use, force must be applied in this direction. Bending and torque cannot be added.
     (4) Level adjustment. The installation of the sensor base needs to be adjusted with a spirit level. It is necessary to ensure that the mounting bases of multiple sensors are adjusted on a horizontal plane. In order to ensure that the weight of each sensor is the same, when the weighing instrument is measuring, It will also be more accurate and more secure.
    (5) In order to avoid the interference of debris, some baffles can be set around the load cell, which solves the influence of weighing accuracy.
You can use some structural parts with automatic positioning functions, such as ball bearings, articulated bearings, positioning fasteners. The advantage of this is to prevent lateral forces from acting on the sensor. The lateral forces of these external factors, such as lateral forces caused by thermal expansion , Lateral forces caused by wind, etc., will interfere with the accuracy of the measurement.