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Pressure Transmitters

Browse times:   Release time:2018-07-04 15:49:16

       Pressure transmitters are the most commonly used in industrial practice, such as industrial self-control environment, petrochemical pipelines, and electrical instruments. The pressure transmitter, as its name suggests, combines the magnitude of the pressure felt with the function of the module circuit to achieve ad conversion, and the output is voltage or current. The pressure detection is integrated with silicon pressure components, which will cause deformation due to the pressure and cause the bridge The function is to convert the obtained voltage and current into a usable voltage and current through the function of the amplifying circuit. In the petroleum industry, the pressure signal is transmitted to the electronic device and converted by ad to obtain the output voltage and current.
      According to the measurement use angle, it is divided into pressure transmitter and differential pressure transmitter. According to the structural scale of pressure transmitters, general and isolated, this is because in the petroleum industry, the corrosive nature of liquids may cause damage to precision instruments. Isolated pressure transmitters use a flange connection method. The diaphragm enters the device under test, which solves the problem of blocking crystals. The isolation type is easy to install and easy to maintain. The product design and process are also very good. This is why the isolation pressure transmitter is general Three or four times the reason.